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Bartlett Board Anticipates First Water & Sewer Increase in 5 Years

Post Date:02/22/2017
The Village of Bartlett has held off on its routine, biennial reviews of water and sewer rates since the last increase in 2012, as the board discussed its move to a new water source. On February 7 the board finalized an agreement to purchase Lake Michigan water through the DuPage Water Commission and the rate review was back on the table for the February 21 committee of the whole meeting.

A 20% increase in the water rate and a 20% increase in the sewer rate are proposed to begin on May 1.

Although a rate increase would have occurred even if Bartlett had chosen to renegotiate its water purchase contract with the City of Elgin, the transition to Lake Michigan water requires engineering and water main replacement costs, which account for a substantial portion of the water rate hike. The proposed sewer rate increase is largely impacted by necessary improvements to the wastewater treatment plant.

On average, Cook and Kane County residents can expect to see their monthly water bills go up by approximately $10.42, while the increase for DuPage residents will be about $12.19.

Bartlett’s current water and sewer rates are in the bottom third compared to 26 neighboring communities that were surveyed. After the 20% increase in rates, the Village will still fall squarely in the middle of all surveyed municipalities.

Rates will need to be adjusted again during the next two to three years as infrastructure improvements continue, but these incremental increases will certainly be offset once the water connection is complete and residents can remove their water softeners.

“The DuPage Water Commission has provided its members a high quality and reliable water supply for many years, therefore we look forward to being a member,” said Village President Kevin Wallace. “It will be a huge and much anticipated improvement for the Village of Bartlett providing high quality, softened water to all residents. Although rates will be going up to complete this transition, the Village of Bartlett has kept water and sewer rates flat for the past five years. Some of the increases which will take place incrementally over the next two to three years will certainly be offset because residents will be able to remove their water softeners once the Lake Michigan water connection is complete.”
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