Police Facility Needs Study


squad straight onOctober 2016 -- The Bartlett Village Board has approved an agreement with Williams Architects for a new police facility that can adequately meet the technology, equipment and system requirements of a modern law enforcement agency.

The concept plan for the expansion consists of building onto the northern part of the current police facility with a basement and two levels above grade. During construction, operations would be maintained in the current building. When the addition is completed, department staff would move to the new building and the older structure would be renovated as necessary. The new building will be almost double the size of the existing 22,000 square foot building.

The decision to move forward with the police facility expansion followed a thorough Police Facility Space Needs Analysis & Facility Evaluation & Options Study followed by several board discussions. Please use the links below to see the full study & subsequent discussions at the Village Board Committee of the Whole meetings.

Williams Architects looked at Bartlett’s current population and department staffing and projected future growth. It also toured three police facilities in comparable communities and interviewed Bartlett police staff regarding their use of the department’s space.

Bartlett’s present-day population of 41,700 is expected to exceed 45,000 in the next two to three decades. The current police staff of 77 “may need to grow to approximately 105 members in that timeframe of two to three decades.” The building needs to have the flexibility to provide all of the existing services, as well as those services needed in the future, which can be difficult to predict.

The increased space following expansion will address the current size of the evidence storage area and lockers, the small training room and overcrowded offices. It also will provide a better flow for the department’s detention zone and for bonding out and exiting detainees from the building. Necessary repairs and updates to windows, the roof, the heating and air conditioning system and lighting will also be addressed.

Police Facility Presentation - Committee of the Whole 10-4-2016 
Link to Police Facility video - https://youtu.be/Ie_6EZVxMKM

Police Facility Discussion - Committee of the Whole 4-5-2016
Minutes from 4-5-2016 Committee of the Whole meeting

Police Facility Space Needs Analysis & Facility Evaluation & Options Study
Minutes from 2-2-2016 Committee of the Whole meeting