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Streets & Water Projects


~ Schick-Petersdorf Road Improvement Project  - will begin on Monday 6/3, with expected completion in early August. This project includes some limited curb replacement, pavement milling and resurfacing and roadway striping. Be alert for some lane closures and flaggers in the construction area and please drive carefully. 

~ 2019 Resurfacing Project Update as of 8/13 - The Village of Bartlett contractor CAM, LLC is scheduled to perform asphalt maintenance on various village streets starting 8/19. There will be NO ON-STREET PARKING between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Monday, 8/19 through Wednesday, 8/21. (Please be aware that this treatment is weather dependent, if the forecast calls for rain, operations will be delayed)

1. Schick Road -- Fairfax Lane to Petersdorf           
2. Petersdorf Road -- Schick Road to Army Trail Road           
3. Stearns Road -- Longford Road to County Farm Road
4. Bittersweet Drive -- Stearns Road to Gate
5. Horizon Drive -- River Ash Court to Frontage Road           
6. Peregrine Parkway -- Horizon Drive to Horizon Drive 

Paths (tentative)
1. Stearns Road – north side, from Bittersweet Drive to South Bartlett Road 
2. Stearns Road – north side, from South Bartlett Road to Kent Circle

If you have a lawn sprinkling system that sprays or drains onto the street pavement you should turn it off for the day in which work will be performed on your street and one day following the treatment. Also please refrain from discharging your sump pump onto the street during this time. 

Treatment FAQ:
Why is this product being applied to my road? CAM, LLC will be applying Reclamite Maltene Based Rejuvenating Agent to your roads. Reclamite is a product designed to extend the life of the pavement by sealing the pavement from the elements. The Village’s preventative maintenance effort will minimize the need for more costly and disruptive methods of street repair. 

How long does the process take? Once the contractor begins on your street, the process will only take a few hours. Once the road has been treated with lime screenings, the road will be fully opened to traffic. 

When can I drive on the road? You can exit your driveway and drive through the work area, but please go slow and stay on the area treated with screenings. Be advised that driving onto a driveway before the contractor is finished applying the limestone may cause the driveway and sidewalk to become temporarily stained. 

When will the road be cleaned up? After the product is applied, an application of limestone screenings will be applied to the road. This is not permanent. The screenings will be swept up in a day or two after the product is applied. 

These agents are environmentally safe and extend the pavements life. A bug and tar remover (available at any local auto parts store) will safely remove any material on your vehicle, the earlier the easier it will be to remove. CAM asks that you please work with them through any inconveniences during the application process. You can contact the contractor at 630-465-4142 or

You also can call Public Works for information, 630-837-0811. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this construction project. 


~ IDOT Stearns Road/Route 59 Intersection Improvements - construction started spring 2018. The scope of the project includes widening, pavement patching, curb and gutter work and traffic signal modernization. The project also consists of pedestrian improvements, including new sidewalks on all sides of the intersection. Drivers can expect regular lane closures during the project. The overall project is expected to be completed in fall 2019.

~ IDOT Army Trail Road/Route 59 Intersection Improvements - Project continues in 2019. Project will include the addition of dual left turn lanes along 59, a westbound right turn lane on Army Trail and some traffic signal modernization work.

~ IDOT Route 20/Route 59 Intersection Improvements - Project continues into 2019 



~ Updated 5/31/2019 - Bartlett Water Tank Storage, Public Works Bittersweet Facility - this major water project is essentially complete and the Village is now pumping Lake Michigan water; however construction of a second water storage tank is still ongoing.